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This free php script contains More than 100 games already installed. Contains installer! Please view readme file below on setup instructions! You are Just a few mins away from Having your own site! You can take the ads off if you chose however i request that you at least put a link to my download page! DEMO: Free PHP gaming site. Leave all ads on site to compensate for my time and hosting costs please! to upload a new game ( It will automatically adapt to your domain name, so it supports multiple parked domains without changing any code! 1. Upload all files to server. 2. Change (game_files) and (images) to 777 permisions. 3. Create your database and edit (Connect.php) for your sever. 4. Run (install.php) to install MySql databases. 5. Change password in (upgame/upload_file.php). 6. Change (Track.php) to any traking codes you may use. (I suggest This Website is intended free of charge. If you paid for it, get a refund! This site was designed and written by Alex Riggs. I have spent many hours and many nights working on this website. If you would like to donate please feel free to send a paypal donation to If you would like to contact me or email me about this website email me at Feel free to visit my site at AnD PLEASE PLEASE leave the ads on the website to pay for my time! PLEASE!

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