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PHP RunCMS Portal

Webmasters that are brand new as well as advanced will enjoy the ease of use from RunCMS Portal. Written in PHP and using 1 mysql database you can run literally any type of website and get it running quickly. Users and the admin will enjoy the FCKeditor that acts like Microsoft Word so you can add fully rich content including images and movie files into your posts. You can place contents of data anywhere on the your site using "blocks". RunCMS Portal also features hundreds of optional module plugins so you can add many new features to the site quicky and easily. Combined with the easy to use themes you can clone or make about any type of website you can imagine. RunCMS also offers full support via forums by professional coders and designers. Oh, and almost forgot to mention that its completely free (as in beer) Open Source and GPL so there are no license restrictions of any kind when compared to commercial script software.

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  PHP RunCMS Portal

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