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Matthew1471's ASP BlogX

Matthew1471's Edition of BlogX runs "Classic ASP" (Wider supported and simpler) and is programmed in Visual Basic. What's Matthew1471's BlogX's Features? Firm Advanced Comment Spam Management Control System. Full online control panel to edit the configuration. Fully supports the innovative Pingback Allows categories to be turned on or off. Allows date linking to be turned on or off. Much more responsive than the original WebBlogX. Ability to customize the External links from the "OtherLinks.Txt" file which is parsed. Allows "EntriesPerPage" setting and correctly handles page numbers. Allows "Contact Me" setting and correctly handles a range of ASP Mail components. Allows "Themes". Supports RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Can be set to use either 12 Hour or 24 Hour times. Has an online editable disclaimer and change password utility. Has a built in spell check function. Dynamically assigns categories upon a new entry added. Checks for SQL exploits. Uses around 112kb (More with dictionaries). Supports the Windows client Matthew1471's WinBlogX. Simple to setup and configure. Comments RSS for each post. Full customisable search engine.

Website only availalbe at certain times.

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  Matthew1471's ASP BlogX(Link not always available)

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