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Upload Script v1.0 (Free)

Looking for an upload script that works like rapidshare or megaupload? This script is the latest and most advanced available -- and LOADED with features! Uploadscript is a free, php based script. It is extremely easy to install. It requires no mysql database and can be installed on any virtual/shared or dedicated hosting running PHP4 or PHP5 (most servers do). It is fully and easily customizable. Users can upload from their HD or from a URL, view all files or top 10 files... Admin can: set allowed file types, block certain file extensions, set maximum file size, set file expiry time (after X amount of days of inactivity), set countdown timer on download page, set time limit between downloads, enable/disable files list, if files list enabled, set number of files displayed per page, enable/disable top10 list, enable/disable email option (send file link to a specified email address), view bandwidth usage, view files reported as illegal, delete files, ban files or IP address...

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  UploadScript - Free Upload Script Like Rapidshare or Megaupload

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