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SPGM Simple Picture Gallery Manager - Free PHP Scripts

SPGM Simple Picture Gallery Manager

SPGM is a PHP script that displays picture galleries on the web. It is intended to provide a very simple way to set up online photo albums: creating directories, filling them with pictures and uploading to your website... That is what it's all about ! It is massively configurable though, and you can tune the layout just as much as you want to match your exact website's design. Several cool features are also included, while keeping in mind that the program aims to be as lightweight, simple and portable as possible. SPGM generates XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant code and makes extensive use of CSS stylesheets to render galleries. It only requires PHP version 4 or higher and does not rely on image manipulation libraries (like GD), or any database system whatsoever.

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  SPGM Simple Picture Gallery Manager

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