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SCForm is designed to be simple, yet flexible and secure. It features: Single simple, secure, straight-forward processing script. Clean, structured coding style. Liberally commented throughout. Flexible configuration. Only two easy configuration items for a "vanilla" install. Web form, response pages, and configuration files separated from processing code, making future updates easy even if you've customized these for your site. Host and IP tracking, even through HTTP proxies in most cases. Doesn't require that PHP's register_globals be on. Contact list email addresses are completely hidden, thus foiling web-page-scraping, scum-sucking, dirtbag spammers. Easy to add new recipients to the list with just a text editor. Uses format similar to common "aliases" style recipient email address lists. Contact list shared between web form and form processing. Optional check for banned email addresses and remote hosts. Ban list easily edited with common text editor. Can ban by: Sender email address, host and domain Host name and domain Host IP address or range of IP addresses, including CIDR notation. Option for mis-direction that allows banned senders to *think* they're getting through (heh heh heh). Includes generic "works out-of-the-box" web form and response pages, liberally-commented example contact and ban lists, and thorough README documentation.

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