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Domain Trading

This is our latest application. It is a domain trading script where you can run a marketplace easily. -------------------- What visitors can do 1) Visitors are allowed to browse your domain database freely. But their are not be able to bid or post domain for sale. 2) Another browsing function that will make visitors easier to find a domain is the search function. It will search your database and present your visitor the result alongside with how much does it sell and how many bids made for that domain What member can do 1) Members are allowed to post domain for sale. But all submission is bound to admin approval. 2) Members have the option to accept bids made by any other members. 3) Members have their own panel where they can find out who is bidding on their domain and how much does each bidder bids. If they accept the offer, bidder will receive a confirmation email as a notification that his or her bid is accepted. 4) Member can choose to delete their domain listing from showcase if only there are no bidders. What admin can do As an admin, of course you should have a total control for your website. You can: 1) Add unlimited categories 2) Add unlimited domain name. **Database is set to millions by default 3)Terminate user 4) Approve or reject listing 5) Place adsense code if you wish. it will be shown on all pages except members area and your panel 6) View who is bidding on your domain. how much does he bids. How many bids are there. 7)View your closed transactions. 8) You also have the option to accept a bid made by your members 9) Ability to send email to certain member or to send mass email

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