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Features: - Visual Confirmation - to prevent bots from automatically spamming your directory. This feature can be turned on/off in admin. - Reciprocal Link Checker - admin can choose to require reciprocal links (or not) in admin. If required, when user makes a submission, the script spiders their page to make sure the link exists, and warns them if it does not. We will be expanding this checker to allow checking existing links in future releases. Sending the emails - Create a message to be sent. - Then enter the site name, url and email of the webmaster - Click Send - The email will be personalized with the name of the site you are requesting the link from using the message you created. Duplicate Checking - If you try to send a request to a site that is already in the link directory or has already been sent a message, you are warned and given the opportunity to either ignore or cancel. Import/Export (nearing completion) - There is a module that allows for importing or exporting the list of emails that have been sent. This is great if you have more than one site in the same industry. Directory Features - Links divided into categories. Each category has a unique page title. - There is a submit form so people can submit a link - Includes mass duplicate checking Reporting - Pick a date range and enter the email address of the customer, and an email will be dispatched to the customer showing all the emails that have been sent.

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  PHP Link Directory

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