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dhtmlxSpreadsheet - Web-Based Ajax Spreadsheet

dhtmlxSpreadsheet is an open source (GPL) embeddable spreadsheet written in JavaScript and PHP. It enables you to quickly add an Excel-like, editable table on a web page. In contrast to online services (Google Docs, etc.), dhtmlxSpreadsheet keeps the data on your own server, so your information stays with you. The spreadsheet can be displayed in edit or read-only mode. All changes you make in a table (add/edit/delete records) are automatically saved to the database. dhtmlxSpreadsheet provides built-in export to PDF and Excel, as well as clipboard support, allowing you to copy and paste data from Excel documents right into your browser-based table. With a simple installer, it takes a few minutes to get a data table with basic cell formatting, math functions, and keyboard navigation. dhtmlxSpreadsheet is also available as a plugin for WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, and ModX.

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  dhtmlxSpreadsheet - Web-Based Ajax Spreadsheet

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